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No! Deregistering your car, recycling it and issuing a certificate of destruction are FREE services.

1. Contact our specialist (t. +371 29515395) to arrange car handover time, evacuation, verification of data in the government register and the amount of possible reward.
2. As soon as the car is delivered to our address (Strengu street 1, Rīgā, LV-1063), we will deregister the car, had out an acceptance document and a certificate of destruction.
Attention! Only the owner of the vehicle or a notarized person may hand over the car for recycling. If the owner of the car is a legal entity, notarization is not required.
Our company does not accept vehicles with registered prohibitions and similar burdens.

The amount of a reward for recycling your car can be found out by calling +371 29515395, or by filling out the form below.

Yes, if your car is not on the move, without technical inspection, etc., we offer an evacuation service. You can find out the cost of evacuation by calling +371 29515395, or by filling out the form below.The average car evacuation cost within Riga is 30 EUR. Transportation costs may be deducted from the reward for recycling.

Yes, our licensed company officially deregisters vehicles by Latvian authorities and issues certificates of destruction.

Documents required:
1. Passport, ID card or driver’s license of the car owner or authorized person.
2. Technical passport (if available).
3. Bank account number (if a reward will be paid).

When you hand over your car for recycling, you do not have to pay taxes for both the current, and previous years (if they have not already been paid).

Yes! After removing your vehicle from the register, you can receive the overpaid part of the tax (for the full months remaining until the end of the year) by contacting the State Revenue Service (VID). Also, your insurance company, upon request, will refund the unused portion of the OCTA and KASCO premiums (for the remaining full months before the expiration of the insurance contract).

No! Our company deregisters ONLY those cars that physically exist and are handed over to us for recycling.
If the car does not exist, deregistration takes place by the authorities(CSDD):
1. Free of charge, if the car is destroyed and after 12/31/2009 registration / re-registration was not performed, technical inspection, fixed fines, etc. were not stated in the register
2. If adter 31.12.2009 the actions stated above were performed with the vehicle and at the moment of deregistration the car is destroyed, you will be obliged to pay natural resourse tax in the amount of 165 EUR.

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